Manchester Gamers Unite will celebrate its first birthday in August!

At our August meet-up, Manchester Gamers Unite will be celebrating its first birthday! I’m having a bit of a proud parent moment; something that started as a ‘maybe it’s got legs’ idea between friends is now walking all by itself. As I grab myself a tissue (and maybe a gin and tonic) I’ll leave you with some of the highlights of MGU’s first year… *sniff sniff*

We got an instant upgrade

Manchester Gamers Unite group shot

At our very first meet-up in Dive Bar NQ, we filled the room that we hired and have ever since been in the main area of the bar and enjoyed around 50 attendees each month. I’d say that’s a pretty good achievement we unlocked so early in the game!

We lost our VR-ginity

VR of Temper Tantrum

Unless you work in the videogames industry (which I don’t), there’s a good possibility you don’t get to play VR all that often or maybe you have never had one at all! Thanks to the devs at Studio One, we have gotten to play on their blacksmithing VR game Temper Tantrum, at several of our events.

We’ve got our own swag

Manchester Gamers Unite t-shirts worn by the event hosts

It wouldn’t be a proper event if we didn’t have some sexy merch to show off. Thanks to Simran we have now got an epic roller banner (I’m definitely not tall enough to set that up on my own) and some awesome MGU tees.

We had an infestation of Worms

Worms toy from Team17

Simran has been doing some work at Team17 and it seems he made some new… friends. We were overrun with Worms at our June meet, thankfully they have all now been safely rehomed. Incominnnng!

We had a very happy Halloween

Cosplay Halloween at Manchester Gamers Unite

You don’t have to ask gamers twice to entice them to cosplay. Our Halloween meet was extra special as it was hosted on 31st October so many of us took the bull by the horns and cosplayed the hell out of it.

We have epic Cards Against Humanity sessions at the end of the night

cards Against Humanity being played at a table

When everyone is merry enough to forget about political correctness, us hardcore gamers that remain at the end of the night often engage in a huge game of Cards Against Humanity. We’re all still friends… I think.

We learned that Rocket League players are the noisiest

Splitscreen multiplayer on Rocket League

We’ve only had Rocket League at one of our meets so far, but when we did it was a riotous affair. We’ll definitely have it again at one of our meets, we’re just waiting for Dive NQ to finish soundproofing the venue…

We’ve witnessed people hit high scores of games not yet released

Jake smashed the high score and nearly hit perfection on Boom Boom Barbarian by Silo Black Games and the game isn’t even released yet! He went on to win the tournament of our July meet.

Great footage of Jake (leaderboard champ) smashing Boom Boom Barbarian!

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Friendships and bromances have blossomed

Group shot of gaming pals at Manchester Gamers Unite

Lets not forget the reason why Simran and I started Manchester Gamers Unite. It’s all about networking, making new friends and socialising while indulging in one of your favourite hobbies. One of the most rewarding things about hosting the events is making new friends and we’ve enjoyed numerous drunken adventures outside of the MGU walls!

What is Manchester Gamers Unite?

MGU banner

If you’re interested in coming down, all we ask if that you love playing or making video games – that’s it! It’s free entry and there’s often drinks and food deals on. Our next meet is 8th August and we try our best to host them every month. You don’t need to be worried about coming down on your own; it’s single and multiplayer friends so a lot of people come down on their own to meet new people.

To find out more head to our Facebook page or Twitter profile.

Special shout-out to all the Dev studios who have been to showcase their games (Ginger Biscuit Games, Silo Black, Huge Calf Studios, Tri-Heart Interactive, Prospect Games and Studio One to mention a few). Also a special shout-out to Futureworks media university who have been nothing but supportive since we started!

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