How to bypass settlement size limit in Fallout 4

How to bypass settlement size limit on Fallout 4

If you enjoy the settlement building side of Fallout 4, but find your architectural aspirations are becoming limited due to settlement size limit then follow, fear not! We have created a video tutorial of how to bypass the size limit, and it’s super easy!

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Alternatively, follow the written steps below:

  1. Remove all junk from your settlement’s workbench
  2. Visit your ‘junk’ inventory on your Pipboy
  3. ‘Drop’ the junk on the floor in front of you (this can take a while if you have a lot of junk)
  4. Scrap the junk that is on the floor, this will put the raw components back into the workbench, so you don’t lose anything, but tricks the game into thinking that you have scrapped aspects of your settlement, thus creating more space. The more items you scrap, the more space you will see appear in your settlement capacity bar at the top right of the screen



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